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Open Sky is a small artisan shop run by me and my family.  I am an avid knitter with a passion for knitting functional and timeless garments.  I  am based in George, South Africa. 

Each skein of yarn is dyed by hand with careful thought about colour range and suitability for modern knitting and crochet patterns.

Open Sky is named as a symbol of hope and optimism, there are no limits to our creativity except those that we place on ourselves.  I believe creating is a process of renewal whether it be cooking, gardening, knitting, sculpting, sewing, public speaking, teaching, nursing etc.  all involve creating something such as a thought or nourishment or healing or gift or clothing. 

I have been knitting on and off for as long as I can remember and I have always been fascinated by colour.  So yarn dyeing is a perfect fit.

My hope is that as you ‘make things, give things and share things’ that your life will be enriched as well as those around you.