I Can Do It Shawl Update

Posted by Pierre on 22/06/2018
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A big thank you to Katherine Hull on Ravelry as  Katherine1107 who commented on my little pattern.  I cast on a new shawl and have fixed the row numbering and omitted rows.  So sorry for any inconveniences.  Please see the updated and correct version below. PATTERN Cast on 5 stitches

Designer Spotlight Amy Miller

Posted by Charmaine Celliers on 02/02/2018
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Hello Friends! Today’s featured designer is the lovely Amy Miller.  I was first introduced to Amy’s design by Sandy on her By the Lakeside Podcast Sandy has a very stylish design sense and when I saw her knitting the 2nd Avenue Wrap designed by Amy I had to check

Designer Spotlight Isabell Kraemer

Posted by Charmaine Celliers on 23/01/2018
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Next up on Designer Spotlight we take a look at the work of the very prolific Germany based designer Isabell Kraemer! Isabel is described by Andrea on the Fruity Knitting podcast as, ‘cool and stylish’ and someone who produces very ‘trendy designs’.  She has been designing knitwear since 2008. Her

Designer Spotlight Caitlin Hunter

Posted by Charmaine Celliers on 08/01/2018
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Hi Knitting Friends! Welcome to the first chapter of Designer Spotlight!  This segment will include the following topics. A brief designer introduction  – who they are, where they live, how long they have been designing, what their inspirations are and some other bits. An overview of their designs and where

2018 Here We Come

Posted by Charmaine Celliers on 29/12/2017
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Do you ever look at the world around and wonder how there can possibly be anything truly new and fresh still to make or discover?  Surely everything that could be already is?    I will attempt to not philosophise too much here but when it comes to creativity I believe